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Company Secretary

Befitting the role of a Chief Compliance Officer, we provide the following services to ensure full compliance with the legal expectations placed upon the management of a company by the government via the Companies Act, 1965:


  • incorporation of a company and registration of business;

  • routine statutory compliance work;

  • fulfilling legal requirements on corporate affairs;

  • advisory and consultancy services on matters pertaining to good corporate governance and legal compliance;

  • use of our business address as your Registered Office;

  • winding up and dissolution of a company.


SST Compliance and Accounting

With the Malaysian Sales and Services Tax Act 2018 coming into force from 1 September 2018, our consultants are ever ready to render their expertise in the following areas:

  • SST implementation - to ready your company for SST compliance and implementation. We assist you in areas such as threshold analysis, SST registration, supplies and accounts analysis, accounting system readiness, company operations and structure and other SST related services.

  • SST accounting - SST monthly accounting, preparation and submission of SST return, SST return review

  • Retainer, update and advisory services


Business Advisory & Consultation

In conjunction with our affiliate companies, we also provide consultation and advisory services in the following specialized areas:


  • compliance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Malaysia)

  • application of tax incentives and exemptions;

  • corporate restructuring;

  • debt management;

  • project financing;

  • receivables management;

  • tax compliance, planning and savings;

  • auditing.


Transfer Pricing

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia now places great emphasis on transfer pricing issues and documentations. Hefty penalties await companies that do not comply with transfer pricing regulations or those that fail to produce transfer pricing documentations. 

Let us help you find out if your business has transfer pricing issues. We also specialise in transfer pricing documentations. 


Professional Services

In conjunction with our affiliate companies, we also provide the following services:


  • auditing;

  • copywriting, proofreading and editing;

  • website designing and copywriting. 

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