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How we keep your documents SAFE

How we keep them safe

Do you know that we go to great lengths to safeguard your sensitive documents and personal data? This is because at MCubed, we understand the importance of those documents and personal data. 


At MCubed, we ensure that your passport is:


  • only handled by our authorised employees and never a third party runner;

  • kept secured in a fire-proof safe when they are not in use;

  • warranted against losses or destruction due to theft, fire or accidental loss due while passport is in our custody.


Rest assured that your personal data is always protected by our Personal Data Protection Policy.​




Note: These are general indemnity provided to our clients.  Actual indemnity may differ from case to case. You should always refer to the service agreement specific to your case (where applicable) for more information on indemnity provided to you. The warranty/indemnity clause in your service agreement supercedes the general indemnity listed above.

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